5 Reasons To Choose One Of The Lift Off Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell has always been a manufacturer of the most impressive kinds of vacuum cleaners in the market. And the following are the reasons why the Lift-Off series are always highly recommended by consumer reviews: If you are looking for best vacuum cleaners, Then checkout top 10 vacuum cleaners here.

1. Impressive filtration system. With Bissell Lift Off vacuum cleaner, you don’t only have one but three types of filters used. You need them to ensure that there will be no allergen-dust, mite, mold spore, pollen, or mildew-that can ever get out of your vacuum cleaner while you’re vacuuming.

This is also one of the best selling points of Bissell Lift Off vacuums. First, you have the pre-motor, which prevents dust from entering into the engine of your vacuum cleaner, causing clogging and premature damage. You also have the upper tank where these allergens are securely sealed, and then the post-motor HEPA filter, which will ultimately trap even the smallest type of particle.

2. Detachable canister. Usually, a vacuum cleaner can either be an upright or a canister. The Bissell Lift Off bagless vacuum cleaner is both. You can have it upright, if you simply want to have your vacuum cleaning machine standing at the corner of your kitchen after every use.

You can also opt to remove the canister when you’re going to be moving around a lot. You can even make use of it to eliminate dust and dirt that may have lingered in the drapes or on every corner of your home.

3. Height adjustment. There are 7 different kinds of height settings that you can choose from with Bissell Lift Off bagless uprights. This definitely gives the flexibility that you could be looking for in a vacuum cleaner.

The unit becomes a perfect tool for your carpets, upholstery, car seats, bare floors, wooden floors, and even tiles. What’s more, they prevent your vacuum cleaner from experiencing excessive wear.

4. Bagless. Bags need to be replaced all the time. Otherwise, they can be attractive to the growth of allergens such as mold spores and mildew. Second, they are pretty expensive; you could be spending hundreds of dollars every year just for them.

The bagless mechanism of Lift Off vacuum from Bissell is very large, so you don’t need to regularly empty it when you’re cleaning. It’s also very easy to empty.

You simply have to remove it from the unit, get rid of the dust, and then place it back into the unit. Most of all, there’s no such thing as regular purchase of bags. When you want to minimize your maintenance costs with your vacuum cleaner, this is going to be your perfect choice.

5. Brush roll. A brush roll is an essential attachment to your vacuum cleaner. It can loosen up the dirt, so it becomes more convenient for you to vacuum them. However, it can also be harmful to your hardwood and other hard surfaces.

This is because they can damage the overall finish. With the on/off brushroll feature of the Bissell Lift Off vacuums, you can immediately shut off the brush roll with just one press of your finger.

There can only be some minor downsides, though. For example, the unit has the tendency to tip over when you’re going to attach the hose. Nevertheless, this doesn’t really diminish a great value of the Lift Off vacuum cleaner.

What Makes These Upright Vacuum Cleaners So Popular?

The CleanView vacuums from Bissell have been getting very positive reviews from consumers so let’s take a look at what makes them so popular…

Since Bissell CleanView vacuums are bagless, they don’t need constant replacement of the bags.

All you need to do with the dust cup is to clean it briefly after every use. Moreover, there is lesser chance that your vacuum will experience some clogging while using dust cups.

Lastly, the CleanView series is composed of a Lock ‘n’ Seal Lever, which is very effective in keeping the dirt right inside the container and not anywhere else, especially in your upholstery or carpets.

Uprights can be better than canisters in so many ways, and one of its greatest benefits is in relation to storage. When you’re living in tight spaces or that your home has already been crowded with a lot of fixtures, looking for additional space for your vacuum cleaner can be a hassle.

Another interesting point for Bissell CleanView vacuums is the washable filter. It can trap even the smallest type of particle from getting out of the vacuum cleaner, thereby tremendously improving the condition of air every time you vacuum.

Furthermore, because they are washable, there’s no need for you to replace them. You simply have to clean the filters regularly. If you can save some cash with bags, surely, you will be able to keep some more of your money because of these washable filters.

The CleanView bagless uprights – like the Bissell 3596 CleanView – also possess a very dynamic suction power. The motor can produce as much as 12 amperes during cleaning, making sure that your CleanView vacuum cleaner will be able to thoroughly clean areas from dust and debris.

Making things a lot more convenient is the fact that it’s very lightweight and thus portable. You can carry this in different portions of your home, and you wouldn’t have any trouble climbing up and down the stairs. You can even tuck this in your car hood, so you can have something to use when you’re out on the road.

Moreover, the Bissell CleanView vacuum cleaner is blessed with so much flexibility. For example, if you want to clean difficult areas or you don’t like to move your vacuum cleaner all the time, you simply have to attach the extremely long hose.

There are also seven types of height adjustments that you can make use in the Bissell CleanView vacuum cleaners. This is particularly important when you’re going to clean different kinds of surfaces in your home, such as bare floors, carpets, upholstery, and even tiles.

The dual-edge cleaning mechanism, meanwhile, provides the right kind of protection your vacuum cleaner may need from regular contact with furniture and other hard objects.

If you’re planning to clean darker areas, then you can certainly find the headlight a welcome addition to your cleaning unit. Other tools that are part of the package include dusting brush and crevice tool. All these can be stored right into your vacuum cleaner.

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