Space Projects

How to invent more serious alternative to the rockets?

space ships

Have you seen flying saucer with rocket engines?

Is fall back from Burans and Shuttles to previous generation technologies a progress or regress?

How to organize the people to invent something more serious than the rockets? How to get to the results?

How to not get distracted by individuals and organizations who seamingly don't want developed Earth to emerge?

What should a Space Agency be like?

space agency

What should a Space Agency do, and what should it not?

Exactly which organization will be inventing something more serious than the rockets? Could it be absolute priority for a Space Agency?

How to keep focus?

How to involve more specialists?

How should a Space Agency be built and organized? What would YOU do, if you were its CEO?

How to build the space colony?

space colony

How would we live in our first Space Colony?

What can we tell about how Space Colony settlement should be built based on the knowledge required to live on the Earth? How it will be affected by distant observations of other planets?

What will we be able to change in our plans when already in the orbit of some distant planet?

What will we be able to change in our plans after touch down on the planet?

Could we be highly adaptive in modelling and building settlements based on the environment specifics?

What should the culture of space colony be like?

space culture

What culture will develop on the space ships while travelling through the stars?

What will happen with the Earth culture after the fact that it now has a Space Colony?

What culture will develop in the Space Colony?

How should the people cooperate to ensure the survival and development of the society?

How to switch from Earth culture to Space Colony culture?

How should the people rise kids in the Space Colony?

What to improve in current education system?

education system improvements

What we need to change in our education system to become able to invent the things we can't today?

How to replicate brilliant teachers who can teach complicated topics and motivate kids to keep learning for the rest of their lives?

How to create education system which is capable to ignore bad influence and environment, and to deliver high quality personalities?

How to neutralize atrophy of big countries and their education systems in order to get larger quantities of STEM professionals?

How to interact with the aliens?


It is impossible to hide these days actively on-going aliens intervence in our social organizations and culture, therefore we must think about the ways to react to this intervence on the Earth and Space Colonies.

The mission of this project is to educate public via "thought experiments" about how to live in the world where are other sentient beings too.

How to do cultural exchange and business with other beings from our Galaxy? How to play nice with the others?

How to protect our planet from dishonest and hostile influence from the outside?