Types of Hair Dryers

Professional Hair Dryers

When you hear the words professional hair dryers, I bet you immediately have the image of a hair salon where busy hair stylists pep up the hair of their regular customers using this expensive and bulky dryer. However you might be surprised to find out that many people use professional hair dryers at home as well. With so many top hair dryers available, finding the best quality hair dryers in India is a time consuming task.

One of the reasons why this might be surprising is because earlier on professional quality demanded higher price. While today it is still the case, manufacturers have started to drastically decrease the retail prices on their most expensive hair blow dryers so that today practically everybody has easy access to on without having to resort of an even higher cost of getting their hair done at a hair salon such a Tony and Guy.

Benefits and qualities of professional hair dryers

One of the best qualities of the professional hair dryers is that they are truly built to last for many years. They are very durable and made of quality material that don’t break so easily. Also they are extremely compact nowadays, so they can be used by pretty much anyone.

Earlier one the professional type hair blow dryers used to be quite bulky and heavy, so people who were having problems holding such an accessory for a long time in their hands were experiencing wrist and arm pain. Also people with arthritis could not easily use them. However now they are quite light and compact indeed.

Speaking of durability, I accidentally dropped mine from my cosmetics desk the other day (I have a tile floor which is not very hair dryer friendly since it’s quite hard), and my hair dryer remained intact without even as much as a scratch or chip on it. I am definitely looking with other eyes at my professional style blow dryer ever since.

Professional Hair Dryers Vs Regular Hair Dryers

Here are actual technical details that promote a hair dryer to a professional quality and sets it apart from a regular blow dryer.

  • Has extra heat settings
  • Has a dial with many power settings from off to full power
  • It has an AC adapter motor that greatly extends the life of the dryer
  • Has true cold settings that cools the air
  • Uses less electricity, which means is more energy efficient and costs you less in monthly bills
  • Withstands regular and frequent use much better than regular hair blow dryers
  • Dries the hair faster, many times as much as 60% faster
  • Much gentler to the hair and maintains its health and shine without making it all frizzy

If you are not sure whether the hair dryer that you intend to buy is a professional or a standard one, watch out for these specifications:

  • Wattage of 1800 or more
  • Auto shut off
  • Extra nozzle for better heat direction
  • Removable filter
  • Cool air feature
  • Different power and heat settings
  • Lightweight and compact yet extremely powerful (if it is lightweight but has a wattage of 1200, it is not a professional hair dryer)

Portable Hair Dryers

If you are a business person traveling a lot to various cities or even countries, or if you’re just about to go on a well deserved vacation, portable hair dryers are a something to look at in terms of convenience, ease of use and making your life simpler when it comes to drying and styling your hair.

The portable hair dryers have several different names that they are also known under, including hand-held hair dryers, travel hair dryers, folding hair dryers or cordless hair dryers. They are perfect for our busy times full of action, activity and stress when everything needs to be done right away and there is little to no time to devote to one’s appearance and well being.

With the invention of the portable hair dryers many women (and men) have seen a great increase in their free time at home since drying and styling your hair now is much faster and easier. This has certainly helped when one has to look top notch in the next business meeting but there is not much time to prepare in advance to look presentable.

Some of the main characteristics of the portable hair dryers are:

  • Much more lightweight than the regular hair blow dryers
  • Very fast and easy to use
  • Can be effortlessly taken away on trips and journeys
  • Compact size which makes them easy to put in any luggage or compartment
  • Allow hair drying pretty much anywhere in the house without being attached to a cord
  • Have a hang-up hook for easy mounting
  • Come with a rechargeable battery that can be used practically anywhere in the world without having to be attached to electric current
  • Have assembly parts including a fan, a heating element, an on-off switch and an adjustable heat control that allows setting the temperature to the most comfortable levels
  • Are easily used also by professional salon hair stylists on a regular basis
  • Require no fiddling with the voltage or alternating it when traveling to countries as it might be the case with the dual voltage hair dryer. This is truly a wash and go gadget no matter where you are in the world at the moment.

Here are some cleaning and maintaining tips for your portable hair dryer:

To make the best use of your hand-held portable hair dryer and prolong its life, you need to clean it once a month for proper maintenance. By following the steps below you will help your cordless hair dryer to minimize the chance of malfunctioning or catching fire.

The travel hair dryer has two sides, one that blows out the hot air and the other side takes in the fresh air. When the air is taken in by the blow dryer, there is after a while lint build-up on the plastic mesh screen which will stop the dryer from functioning properly. Also lint is in many cases a major cause of house fires (just think about the lint build-up in clothes dryer vents). So your main task is to remove this lint regularly so it doesn’t get a chance to build-up on the mesh screen.

As a matter of fact, this set of steps is useful for all hair blow dryers, not only for the cordless type.

  1. If your hair dryer is a regular type, unplug it
  2. Use a cotton swab and dampen its end lightly with water. If it has excess water, shake the extra. It needs to be damp, not wet
  3. Scrape lightly the surface of the mesh screen that is on the back of the dryer to properly remove any lint fiber from it. With the damp cotton it gets very easily removed.
  4. If you have a regular hair dryer, do not attempt to plug it back in until the mesh screen is completely dry

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